Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marlins in Miami?

The other day I heard Michael Kay the Yankee announcer say that next year the Florida Marlins will be getting a new ballpark in Miami and moving there. This means they will become the Miami Marlins. First of all, the Miami Marlins is an extremely dorky name. Second, that would mean they’d have to change their logo. The problem is, their current logo is probably the coolest one in the National League.

How many other hats have fish swirling around the letters? So if they become the Miami Marlins, what will their new logo be?

That. Don’t get me wrong, that is an equally neat logo. But does that mean in ten years the current Marlins logo will be worn on a hat with a “throwback uniform?” That new logo could be used now for the M standing for Marlins instead of Florida! The Marlins organization should really start thinking about the distant future and it’s throwback uniforms. But this is my question: will they change their current uniforms for next year? That should be interesting to see.

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