Monday, June 27, 2011

Fantasy Tip: Jorge Posada

Now let me start by saying I know Posada had a DREADFUL April and May this year. But lately, he is red hot. He may be batting only .234 this year with 8 home runs, but since June 25 he’s .500 and since June 22 he’s .538. That may not sound like much, but keep in mind, this is during inter-league play, and he’s a DH so he can only play at Yankee Stadium until normal games resume.

So this is my tip: If you have Jorge KEEP HIM. If you don’t, pick him up like I just did. I can almost guarantee you that he’s either a free agent or on waivers. In my league he was a free agent, but I use the public league and I don’t know much about any other leagues. Please comment on what leagues you all use, and let me know if you need any fantasy advice.

News on Everything

Hey everybody, this is Nickie back to you. I guess I’ve been a bit sidetracked lately. But anyway I ‘m going to be posting a whole lot more lately with no huge breaks in between. I also have some news on new content on this blog. I’ll still be ranting and raving about everything baseball, but I think I’m going to start writing about baseball cards and fantasy baseball to. Thanks to everybody who’s still reading.

Now back to our usual productions at Cool Kid Corner.